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28 Ideas for Your Mason Jars

Are you a professional photographer looking for an aesthetic container for your food photo session? Or are you an Instagram enthusiast sharing your morning drinks? Or maybe, you are a hipster searching for the way-out accessories that arrest everyone's attention? Or you might be looking for a way to embellish your countertop in the kitchen or bathroom. Regardless of what your answer is, all the above needs can be fully satisfied, at first sight, with the help of a simple product – the Ball mason jars, the glass jars that became legendary due to their fantastical popularity. If you happen to know little about these legendary jars or you want to discover new ideas of how to recycle them for other uses rather than preserving foods, then read the article below to get your needs satisfied.

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28 Over-the-Door Accessories to Optimize Storage Space

What makes you anxious about the storage space? The majority would say that the understanding of space dwindling in your house. People living in small apartments or houses lack space for things organization, as a result, they got them cluttered on the floor, window sills or any other areas that are not meant for storage. But the 'aha!' solution as a back-of-the-door storage may come to the rescue of a scarce-space problem.

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